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TPHA History

In 1934 a flourishing hunting industry had existed for over 40 years in East Africa. Professional hunters from Tanzania, Kenya and Uganda recognized the need to form a body to establish and maintain standards of conduct and a code of ethics.


On the 12th of April 1934 these professional hunters met in Nairobi at the Norfolk Hotel and formed the East African Professional Hunters Association (EAPHA)


At that time, The EAPHA became involved in the licensing system of professional hunters and one could not obtain a license to hunt in East Africa without being reviewed and approved by a joint panel of examiners compiled of the Wildlife Division (WD) and members of the EAPHA. This was considered necessary as the EAPHA was conversant with the duties and requirements of professional hunting.


In the 1960’s, after each of the East African countries achieved independence and drifted apart in political ideology, the Tanzanian Wildlife Division called for the formation of the Tanzanian Professional Hunters Association (TPHA). On the 28th of April 1966 the TPHA was established and worked independently of the EAPHA, which continued with its mandate in Kenya and Uganda.


TPHA continues to work with the same focus as EAPHA, and is committed to elevating the competence, professionalism and the standard of ethics of all Tanzanian professional hunters.


Our members have attained necessary levels of competence, skill and ethics required for the responsibility of a professional hunter. We stand together with pride, and not only distance ourselves, but standup against those who threaten our profession and wildlife with their unethical and unprofessional conduct.


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